Month: May 2022

New Directions

Hi dear friends/readers. It has been over 30 months and 90 posts since ‘Bears In The Woods’ debuted! It has been both a challenge and a joy to share my stories with you. And the stories are not over yet! Each new day brings life’s adventures to my door-as it does to yours.

I will be taking a break from regular posts over the next couple of months as I decide how I want to move forward with this blog. I am feeling a need for a change in format, but have no idea what that will look like! You may hear from me sporadically and I may even be asking for your input about what you would like to read about in the future.

Most of all, thank-you for your thoughts and comments and just being a part of my adventure in blogging. Enjoy all that the summer promises and I will be back in a bit. Sue