Hopes for the New Year 2021

I am filled with hope for the coming year.  Last year at this time who knew how unusual 2020 would become?  It seems hope may blossom in the face of challenges.  I am practical to a fault at times, and am guilty of placing the lack of control hope offers beneath the power of taking action.  But what happens when action is limited by circumstances beyond control?  I think that’s called 2020!  Maybe hope can be used not as a substitute for action, but as a tool to direction action.  Hmmmm….

I have created two alphabetical listings – one for sensations I experienced in 2020 that I would like to leave behind, and one for hopes for 2021 – a tall order, but isn’t that what hope is about? 

2021 – hope for:                                               2020 – leave behind:                                             

Alignment                                                                  Alienation

Belief                                                                           Blame

Communication                                                         Combat

Discussion                                                                    Division

Ease                                                                             Epidemic

Focus                                                                           Frustration

Gratitude                                                                      Gloom

Hope                                                                            Helplessness

In person                                                                      Isolation

Joy                                                                               Jadedness

Kindness                                                                      Kvetching

Love                                                                             Loss

Meet ups                                                                      Masks

Nurturing                                                                    Nightmares

Openness                                                                    Oppression

Peace                                                                           Pressure

Quest                                                                          Quarantine

Recovery                                                                      Ravage

Serenity                                                                        Stress

Trust                                                                            Terror

Unity                                                                            Unrest

Vaccine                                                                        Virus

Wellness                                                                      Worry

Xylophone (OK, find something better!)               Xenophobia

Yin                                                                               Yang

Zen                                                                              Zealots

**Happy New Year to all***

May all your hopes direct you to personal fulfillment!

My story will continue next week!!

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