Happy New Year

Striding across the threshold of time into a new year changed things; or at least the concept of things.  The span of a single second transported me from the bottom of the dark page of December to the top of a new decade where hope sat next to promise.   The wants and wishes of just one week ago shifted towards the more solid push of plans and goals.  My practical brain said nothing had changed except the numbers, but the flutter in my heart whispered of endless possibilities!                                        

I have staggered through years of rigid resolutions, including those where I resolved to make none!  But today I am traveling with a lighter step and a softer grip.   I will continue to put in the efforts to equip my intentions.  But I will also seek the hand of the unknown to escort me towards adventures waiting in the new year ahead.  Happy New Year to all and may your adventures take you to places you didn’t even know you wanted to go!!

My stories will continue next week.

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