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Thank-you for taking the time to follow along on my personal adventure through the joys and challenges we each face as we discover our unique trail through the shadows in the woods.

**I recommend starting from the first post to see how the story unfolds. (The most recent posts are listed first so you will need to scroll down through posts to get to the beginning!)**

Not All Bears Are Created Equal

Some appear cuddly and entice you to play. Some bare their teeth and scare you away. Some follow you silently waiting to prey. Some offer safety in their own secret way.

My intense fear of bears lurking in the woods has followed me through my childhood, into my nights, and into this very moment. But I am forging my path into those woods, one tree at a time, through explorative writing. The words that flow from my thoughts through my pen set the course, often in unexpected directions. I invite you to join me on this journey that may remind you of some chapters in your own.

New Directions

Hi dear friends/readers. It has been over 30 months and 90 posts since ‘Bears In The Woods’ debuted! It has been both a challenge and a joy to share my stories with you. And the stories are not over yet! Each new day brings life’s adventures to my door-as it does to yours. I will…

Return to Hiking on the AT

More than two months have passed since our last planned hike was cancelled due to Lynn’s son’s tragic accident. I hope the trail, moving in nature, and thinking, or not thinking, will take the edge off the pain, even if only briefly. I let her take the lead in conversation. I am not sure if…

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